Rentals Fleet

Lyle Machinery offers an excellent fleet of over 700 machines for rent. We provide the best maintained rental equipment for the industries we serve.  Lyle Machinery rents Komatsu, JLG, Sennebogan, Wirtgen, Hamm, LaBounty, Terramac, Bobcat, Vogele, and Sullair Compressors. We also rent brooms, water trucks, hammers, shears, and a lot of other attachments. We are dedicated to helping your business succeed with our Rental Department. 

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ModelHorsepowerOperating Weight (lb)Max Digging Depth (ft)
PC35MR25 HP8,324 lbs11′ 4″
PC45MR38 HP11,001 lbs11′ 11″
PC55MR38 HP11,618 lbs12′ 4″
PC78MR66 HP17,747 lbs15′ 3″
PC88MR66 HP18,558 lbs15′ 2″
PC138USLC94 HP31,107 lbs19′ 4″
PC170LC115 HP36,644 lbs19′ 6″
PC210LC/LC158 HP50,000 lbs20′ 9″
PC228USLC158 HP53,195 lbs21′ 9″
PC240LC177 HP54,490 lbs24′ 0″
PC290LC LF196 HP67,396 lbs41′ 5″
PC290LC196 HP67,396 lbs23′ 8″
PC360LC257 HP78,255 lbs26′ 10″
PC490LC359 HP104,700 lbs30′ 2″

iSeries Excavators

  • Semi-automatic excavators for trenching, slope work and high production applications
  • Protection + precision + performance = the formula for increased production compared to conventional machine guidance
Operating Weight (lb)
Max Digging Depth (ft)
PC210LCi-11158 HP52,036 lbs20′ 9″
PC360LCi-11257 HP79,807 lbs26′ 10″
PC490LCi362 HP106,770 lbs30′ 2″


ModelHorsepowerOperating Weight (lb)Blade Capacity
D39PX105 HP21,363 lbs2.9 – 3.1 yd
D51PX130 HP29,000 lbs3.8 yd
D61PX168 HP41,000 lbs4.5 – 5.1 yd
D65PX217 HP47,444 lbs5.8 – 7.7 yd
D85EX264 HP68,165 lbs9.4 yd

iSeries Dozers

  • Innovative – Integrated – Intelligent
  • 3D GPS automatic dozers for applications from finish grading to mass excavation
  • No Cables – No Climbing – No Connections
  • Fully Supported by Komatsu’s service and support network
Operating Weight (lb)
Blade Capacity
D39i-24105HP21,804 lbs2.9 – 3.1 yd
D51i-24131 HP29,057 lbs3.8 yd
D61i-24169HP41,381 lbs4.5 – 5.1 yd
D65i-18217HP50,420 lbs5.8 – 7.7 yd
D85i-18267HP65,080 lbs9.4 yd

Haul Trucks

ModelHorsepowerOperating Weight (lb)Heaped Capacity
HM300-5332 HP30 Metric Tons22.4 yd
HM400-5473 HP40 Metric Tons31.4 yd

Wheel Loaders

ModelHorsepowerOperating Weight (lb)Blade Capacity
WA200126 HP23,500 lbs2.75 yd
WA270149 HP28,836 lbs3.0 yd
WA320165 HP33,800 lbs3.5 yd
WA380191 HP40,000 lbs4.0 yd
WA470272 HP53,000 lbs6.0 yd
WA500353 HP75,000 lbs6.8-8.2 yd

Hamm Compaction

ModelDescriptionMaximum Working WidthWeight
H5i Vibratory RollerSmooth or Padfoot54″ Drum11,102 lbs
H7i Vibratory RollerSmooth or Padfoot
66″ Drum14,421 lbs
H10i Vibratory RollerSmooth or Padfoot84″ Drum23,990 lbs
HD10 VVSmooth Double Drum39″5,457 lbs
HD12 VVSmooth Double Drum47″5,942 lbs
HD14 VVSmooth Double Drum54″9,779 lbs
HD70 VVSmooth Double Drum59″16,207 lbs
HD120 VVSmooth Double Drum78″27,507 lbs
HD140 VVSmooth Double Drum84″28,345 lbs
GRW180i-15Pneumatic Tire Roller72″30,341 lbs

Soil Stabilizers

ModelWorking WidthWorking DepthEngine Power
WR200XLi7′ 10″0 – 19.7″57,100 lbs

Milling Machine

ModelMilling WidthMilling DepthWeight
W120 CFi 3′ 11″ 0 – 13″ 44,093lbs


DT 74J  96″74 hp

Sullair Compressors

185 T4F185 cfm/125psi
375H T4F375 cfm/150psi

Stanley Hammer


Impact Energy
MB05 Hydraulic Breaker 550lbs
MBX 15 Hydraulic Breaker 1,500lbs
MBXP 3025 Hydraulic Breaker 5,000lbs
MBXP 4035 Hydraulic Breaker 8,000lbs
MBXP 5545 Hydraulic Breaker11,000lbs

LaBounty Shear


Jaw Opening
Jaw Depth
MSD 2250R  30″