Lyle Machinery is the elite dealer for Wirtgen products in the South. Our experience and knowledge brings value to our customers.

When it comes to state-of-the-art machines and cutting-edge technologies for road construction and mining, there is only one brand to consider and that is Wirtgen.

WIRTGEN supplies a complete range of mobile machines and high-quality services for all areas of road construction and open-cast mining. More than 60 machine models in the large Road and Mineral Technologies ranges are produced using state-of-the-art technology at our brand headquarters in Windhagen.

With its innovative, high-performance and cost-efficient products and technologies for cold milling, soil stabilization, cold recycling, concrete paving and surface mining, WIRTGEN leads the world market in road construction and repair, as well as in mining natural rock and minerals. We develop both the machines and the technologies.


Cold Milling Machines

As the market leader, we can offer our customers the most extensive range of cold milling machines available, with milling widths of between 0.5″ (14 mm) and 14′ (4,400 mm).

Wirtgen offers Small, Compact and Large Milling Machines.

Check out the line of products for Small Milling Machines by checking our showroom or visiting Wirtgen.

Small Milling Machines: W35Ri, W50Ri, W60Ri, W100Ri, W120 Ri

Compact Milling Machines: W100CFi, W120CFi, W130CFi, W150CFi

Large Milling Machines: W200i, W200Hi, W210i, W220i, W250i

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Cold Recyclers and Soil Stabilizers

WIRTGEN offers the world’s largest range of cold recycling and soil stabilization machines. Ancillary equipment and the mobile cold reycling mixing plant round off the unique range of machines.

Tractor-towed Stabilizers: WS150, WS220, WS250

Soil Stabilizers and Cold Recylcers: WR200i, WR240i, WR250i, WR200Xli

Cold Recyclers: 2200CR, 3800CR

Mobile Cold Recycling Mixing Plan: KMA220i

Ancillary Equipment: WLB10S, WLM30, WLV1

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Binding Agent Spreaders

An ideal complement to Wirtgen stabilizers and recyclers.

WIRTGEN’s experienced system partner Streumaster has developed various binding agent spreaders for exclusive use with Wirtgen soil stabilizers and cold recyclers. These units have been precisely adapted to the specific requirements of the WIRTGEN machines.

Binding Agent Spreaders: SW3FC, SW10TA, SW16TA, SW10TC, SW16TC, SW12MA, SW12MC, SW16MC, SW18MC, SW18SC, SW20MC

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Slipform Pavers

Wirtgen offers several options for paving durable motorways and airport runways.

Offset Slipform Pavers: SP15i, SP25i, SP61i

Inset Slipform Pavers: SP25i, SP62i, SP64i, SP82i, SP84i, SP92i, SP94i

Side Feeder: ISF 94i

Texture Curing Machine: TCM95i, TCM180i

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Surface Miner

Wirtgen offers an efficient and environmentally compatible machine to help you in your extraction of minerals such as coal, limestone, bauxite, iron ore, phosphate, oil shale, kimberlite, salt, etc…

Surface Miner: 2200SM, 2200SM 3.8, 2500Sm, 4200SM Soft Rock, 4200SM Hard Rock

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