Lyle Machinery is proud to represent Vogele, the world market leader for road pavers.

Asphalt pavers have a long history featuring technical and technological innovations which were greatly influfenced by VÖGELE – from the first paver with hydraulic drive and ultramodern high-compaction technology in screeds to a uniform, easy-to-learn concept for paver operation.

The pavers, screeds with multiple compaction methods, mobile feeders and various special-purpose machines from VÖGELE, the world market leader, make up a complete range of innovative machines for road construction. They are developed and built in the industry’s largest, specialized factory in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The name VÖGELE stands for top quality in all products and services.


SUPER Series

Mini Class: SUPER 700-3i

Compact Class: SUPER 1300-3i

Universal Class: SUPER 1700-3i, SUPER 1703-3i

Highway Class: SUPER 2003-3i, SUPER 2000-3i, SUPER 2100-3i, SUPER 3000-2

Special Class: SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet



Extending Screeds: AB 220, AB 340, VF 500, VF 600, AB 500, VR 600, AB 600

Fixed-Width Screeds: SB 250, SB 300




MT 3000-2i Offset