Lyle Machinery is proud to be a Premier distributor for Sennebogen. Our relationship with Sennebogen has helped us meet the needs of our customers.  All Sennebogen’s products are built with 6 key fundamentals: Safety, Flexibility, Efficiency, Simplicity, Operating Cost, and Accessibility. Click here to visit Sennebogen’s Site

Scrap and Steel

Fast precise duty cycles that you can depend on, day after day.

SENNEBOGEN first made its name in the Americas by making good on that promise for scrap recyclers. From our first installation in 2000, SENNEBOGEN’s reputation for productivity, dependability and aftersale support spread quickly. Within 10 years, we became the industry’s top choice for purpose-built scrap handlers.

Scrap Metals Industry

  • Consistent, efficient loading for trucks, rail cars and barges
  • Responsive handling to sort, transfer and stockpile melt mixes
  • Run long shifts with minimal downtime to feed shredders, shears, balers & grinders

Steel Industry: Mills, foundries, distribution

  • Quickly and simply sort, transfer and stockpile melt mixes
  • A strong, stable platform for picking and stockpiling bar and pipe products
  • Versatility to sort, load, transfer and process scrap material
  • Specialized drop-ball machines built to minimize brake wear and maximize uptime

Demolition Projects:

  • Compact, transportable loaders for onsite processing equipment, mobile debris handling and scrap metal recovery


Logging and Forestry

SENNEBOGEN speed, stability and long reach are ideal for log-handling applications. Custom-built and equipped for your operation, our high-stacking capability instantly raises the roof of your yard to increase capacity and simplify inventory management. A compact footprint with stable 360o lift radius allows efficient loading and faster mobility between tight rows.

The exclusive maXCab elevating operator station allows a clear view to the top of infeed decks, trailer loads and log piles for accurate, smooth loading and sorting.

See the new 830 M-T machine purpose-built for trailer-pulling applications in wood yards and saw mills.

Log Yards

  • Excellent stability, even while moving, to load, sort and stack both tree length and CTL wood
  • Fast, powerful duty cycles to feed debarking, engineered wood and pole processing equipment
  • Nimble, cost effective pick & carry machines


  • High mobility to stack and move material for infeed for sawmills
  • High volume loading of chips to infeed at pulp mills
  • Precise feed to chipping and grinding equipment
  • Safely and quickly clear jams from conveyors and feed decks


  • Efficient infeed of logs and bulk materials for chippers and grinders
  • Sort material and load conveyors for energy production


Ports and Waterways

SENNEBOGEN is changing the landscape along American waterways with innovative material handling technologies applied to the industry’s largest and most productive material handling machines.

The new generation of green machines, ranging from versatile mobile units to towering equilibrium cranes, means facility operators in ocean ports and river ports have more ways to maximize throughput and reduce demurrage costs.    

Moving aggregates or portland, fertilizers or grains, metals or wood products, SENNEBOGEN has the solutions to keep supply lines flowing.

Barge Facilities

  • Elevating, forward-moving maXCabs give operators a direct view into holds
  • Fast, mobile loading equipment can access cargoes at any dock location
  • Simple controls ensure quick, precise duty cycles to load hoppers and conveyors

Coal Facilities

  • America’s largest purpose-built machines keep pace with demands for power plant and steel mill production
  • Full range of models and sizes available with electric drive for minimal energy cost and 24/7 operation

Dredging & Remediation


  • Long reach and choice of boom pin locations adapt to requirements for transloading sediment from barges to shore facilities
  • Highly transportable models tailored to move and set up quickly between dredge sites


Construction and Demolition

Demolition work demands the ultimate in durability, safety and versatility.

SENNEBOGEN material handlers are fitted with a wide range of optional booms and attachments to take on the work of multiple machines with one compact footprint. Minimal electronics and maximum cooling efficiency are ideal for the challenging environment of a demolition site.

Operators appreciate the fine control of SENNBOGEN hydraulics to perform precisely, quickly and powerfully.

Whether you are building or tearing down, SENNEBOGEN application specialists, engineering support and flexible manufacturing will help you go to work with the specialized system you need.

  • Compact, transportable loaders for onsite processing equipment
  • Efficient, mobile debris handling to consolidate piles and load trucks
  • Magnets and mag-grab attachments quickly recover rebar and metals from debris
  • Specialized safety cabs and long-reach configurations available

See the new 830 R-HDD machine purpose-built for demolition shears, hammers, grabs and hooks



Handling pipe requires a precise handling for efficient stacking and placement, and to ensure long life underground and in exposed environments. With specialized attachments and famously responsive hydraulics, SENNEBOGEN pipe-handlers are purpose-built “from the underground up” to:

  • stack & load heavy pipe inventories efficiently
  • minimize damage to finishes & coatings
  • allow precise placement quickly, above or below grade
  • maximize uptime within seasonal production windows


Special Applications

At SENNEBOGEN, every machine is built “specially” for the job. So we’re more than ready to help you configure and equip the best machine for your “special” application.

With our factory’s modular approach to manufacturing and extensive use of off-the-shelf wear parts, you can have a SENNEBOGEN machine built to order at a cost comparable to stock machines from other OEMs.

Plus, your custom machine will have the same assured parts & service support that other SENNEBOGEN customers enjoy all over the Americas.