Lyle Machinery is the leading dealer for Soil and Asphalt compaction.  We are proud to represent HAMM Rollers in this market.

HAMM offers a wide range of products for all aspects of soil and asphalt compaction, utilizing leading machine and compaction technology. Along with the technical requirements, ergonomic design and simple operation are prime concerns. And thus, HAMM finds a perfect balance of technology and ergonomic design.

HAMM offers Compactors, Tandem Rollers, and Static Rollers.


Hamm Compactor Models: H5i, H5iP, H7i, H7i VIO, H7iP, H10i, H10iP, H12i, H12iP, H13i, H13i VIO, H13iP, H14i, H14iP, H16i, H16iP, H18i, H18iP, H20i, H20iP, H25i, H25iVC


Tandem Rollers


Tandem Roller Models: HD8 VV, HD10C VV, HD10C VT, HD10 VV, HD10 VT, HD10VO, HD12 VV, HD12 VT, HD12 VO, HD13i VV, HD13i VT, HD13i VO, HD14i VV, HD14i VT, HD14i VO, HD+70i VV, HD+70i VV-HF, HD+70i VT, HD+70i VO, HD+80i VV, HD+80i VV-HF, HD+80i VV-S, HD+80i VT, HD+80i VT-S, HD+80i VO, HD+80i VO-S, HD+80i VO-S, HD+80i VO-S, HD+80i OT, HD+90i VV, HD+90i VV-HF, HD+90i VV-S, HD+90i VT, HD+90i VT-S, HD+90i VO, HD+90i VO-S, HD+110i VV, HD+110i VV-HF, HD+110i VT, HD+110i VO, HD+120i VV, HD+120i VV-HF, HD+120i VO, HD+140i VV, HD+140i VV-HF, HD+140i VO, DV+70i VV-S, DV+70i VT-S, DV+70i VO-S



Static Rollers

Static Roller models: GRW 180i-10, GRW 180i-15, GRW 180i-20, GRW 280i-25, GRW 280i-30